Have a headache? Not the pill again!


Girl Headache All over the world, headaches are one of the most common and frequently experienced ailment. For the average person, it’s often a side effect of unabated stress, lack of quality sleep that often stems from juggling our endless number of responsibilities. Generally, people treat headaches as a mild annoyance and rarely ever pay any heed to the possible causes. Undoubtedly, headaches can and do significantly impact your productivity and the general state of mind, but you shouldn’t resort to over the counter drugs to deal with it. Let’s explore some drug-free remedies that are remarkably effective at treating and in many cases, preventing headaches. Here are some of the best natural remedies to cure a headache:

1. Bottoms Up! – Ummm…. no, we just meant water. One may not realize it, but something as simple as dehydration can often cause headaches. When you’re swamped with personal errands and work, its hard to recollect hoe much water you’ve had through the day. Start with downing a few glasses and try and keep a track of your water consumption throughout the day.

Ginger Tea2. Ginger Tea – For centuries, Ginger has been consumed for its medicinal properties across Asia. It contains strong anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols and is an effective immunity booster. Ginger capsules are available, but why not try it in more natural form: chop in chunks, stew in your tea or hot water for couple of minutes before drinking it. Too pungent? Add a little honey and lemon for a more mellow flavor.

3. Essential Oils – Lavender Oil’s range of benefits for hair and skin are well known, but it’s efficacy in treating tension or stress headaches not well known enough. It’s potent, easily available and one needs only a couple of drops – apply it directly on your forehead and temples or infuse with other oils such as jojoba or sweet almond oil. Or add a little to your bath, inhaling the lavender infused steam will certainly do the trick!

4. Feverfew – Feverfew has been used to treat headaches, arthritis and menstrual cramps since time immemorial. Over the course of several scientific studies, it was found to be an excellent preventive cure for migraines as well as to relieve you of stress headaches. Take them in their natural form; fresh or dried leaves or via supplements. Do note that Feverfew doesn’t interact well with blood thinning medications and you should consult your doctor.

5. Caffeine – Headaches are often indicative of caffeine withdrawal. Even if you’re not a heavy coffee or tea drinker, the body does get used to caffeine even in small quantities. If you’re trying to quit, ease off gradually. If that doesn’t help, try the aforementioned remedies: Or try rosemary or lavender infused tea to treat your headache. In case you’re not trying to cut down, then just a cup of hot steaming coffee should take care of it!

6. Magnesium – Bodily functions that require magnesium are endless and we could run out of time talking about it. In this regard, magnesium works by calming your nerves and improving quality of sleep. Studies have found that people suffering from frequent headaches are often magnesium deficient. You can either pop a supplement or consume more of brocolli, spinach, nuts etc. that are rich in magnesium.

7. Avoid Nitrates – Doctors have recommended eliminating food items that are headache and migraine triggers for some. Processed meats containing nitrates or food containing MSG and food items such soy, aspartame, caffeine can induce headaches as well. Although it might be a little tricky to identify what to eliminate, it will be worth the time for those who suffer from frequent and chronic pain.

Women Stretching 8. Stretching, Yoga or Aerobics – There have been a spate of studies in recent years that validate what Yoga practitioners have claimed for decades if not centuries. Yoga or even light stretching on a regular basis, eases overall anxiety, facilitates better quality of sleep and breaks the vicious cycle of headaches resulting from stress or lack of sleep.

In your daily schedule – make room for a little brisk walk, swimming, biking or any other aerobic exercise you like and can spare the time for. If this seem to difficult, incorporate some Yoga breathing exercises and some mild stretching to relax and center yourself. Over a few weeks, you will find yourself calmer and possibly having none to much fewer headaches.

Well, there you have it. Headaches are nearly impossible to prevent entirely since these days we have no choice but work long hours, use laptops for extended periods of time and almost always end up working indoors. But you can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of headaches by trying out some of our best natural remedies to cure a headache. Shun overuse of over the counter drugs and chemicals and treat your body with some natural and healthier alternatives.

7 Easy ways to manage your social life

It can become extremely difficult to organize your social life especially if hobbies, friends, family and work take center stage. Life can get too hectic, especially if you get overwhelmed with too many obligations. However, if you manage to find a way of organizing your social life, you will have more fun and you will become more productive. Here are simple and easy ways on how you can organize your social life and become more productive.

Do away with the excess

Getting rid of anything that does not add value in your life is by far one of the best ways of organizing your social life. You need to ask yourself whether what you engage in adds any value in your social life or not. For instance, if you volunteer your time at charity organizations or commit to numerous events, you need to evaluate whether they are important in your life. You need to discover the specific things that are important to you, give them a priority and let go of the rest.

Get together in groups

Party Girls

This is another step you can take to revamp your social life especially if your friends are vying for your attention. Instead of meeting different friends at different venues for different reasons, it pays to meet all of them in one night at a convenient place. With this, you will be able to meet all of them while your schedule also becomes less rigid and chaotic.

Consider combining activities

Multi-tasking is a good idea if you want to organize your social life. In order to get the best result, you should use a combination of mind-intensive and physical activities together. This will enable you work well on anything and everything you do. For example, you can set your tablet on your treadmill while you can also read while walking.

Set your priorities

If your social life is getting clogged up, you need to get a moment and set your priorities straight. You need to do this by asking yourself what things will be important to you at that day or week. This way, you will reduce stress off your shoulders while still taking care of everything that needs to be done.

Make use of a planner

If your social life is becoming busier each passing day, you should make use of a planner. You can use just a standard planner or even an application if you can access one. This way, you will keep track of all the appointments you have. Besides, you will be able to check if you are free to make new appointments if need be.

Do away with stress

It is natural that you become more tired as the level of stress piles up. This will lower you down and eventually make you become less productive. You need to let go of stress and you will find your social life a little more manageable.

Put yourself first

Depending on whom you are and what you do, your social life can pull you in different directions at ago, something that gets you lost in the process. The trick is that you do not allow your social life to get the best of you. Remember, you do not have to make everyone happy so as to get the most out of your social life. By putting yourself first, you get to handle the social activities that are important to you.

7 Excellent Fashion Tips To Stay Elegant on Budget

You do not have to spend endless amounts of money to be unique and appear stylish. Here are some of the great and useful tips on how to perfectly stay fabulous while not spending too much and staying on a proper budget.

ShoppingSticking to a certain budget can sometimes feel slightly restricting, and you can certainly can have a feeling that you won’t be taken too seriously just because of the fact that you do not have large amount of money to spend it on latest fashion trends. But, being younger and lower on your funds can also have certain great advantages on your fashion choices, because you are more allowed to take certain risk and penny pinch your fashion choices without people even telling the difference. Here are some of the useful tips and tricks that could prove to be very important in your style journey.

  1. Shop sale
    You could try to be more sensible about shopping. And, there is simply no better way in being sensible than to actually shop at sales at various stores. Also, it can be quite handy to remember to buy clothes off season when those clothes are less searched for, and therefore their price is far smaller. There also lot of online fashion boutique that offer good quality cloth at great price.
  2. Find your perfect style and know your body
    Probably the most important thing in your style journey should be proper knowledge of your body and everything that fits you and looks good while you wear it. Every person has different body, face and personality from which they should take care of their fashion choices. Do not wear ill fitted clothes on yourself, because that won’t fit you. Knowing your style means to have your own sense of fashion, so do not be afraid to risk and mix certain fashion choices together.
  3. Borrow
    You can borrow your clothes from your friends, sister, mother or even grandma and find something that you would like to wear. Many people today like retro look, so you can most certainly borrow your grandma’s vintage earrings or dress that could fit your fashion choices. Borrowing is a great way to save money while still being able to look fabolous without spending even a dime. By far the best advantage of it is the fact that you can always wear that item again, so it is basically like you have bought it for yourself. Just be sure to take care of everything that you borrow.
  4. Buy, sell, trade
    There are consignment shops, thrift stores and even Craigslist that you can buy from, sell and afterwards trade used clothes of yours for newer clothes. It is a marvelous way for someone on budget to stay completely stylish and trendy without spending too much money.
  5. Do it yourself (DIY)
    DIY is certainly one of the best ways to not break the bank and spend too much money for your clothes, while staying completely trendy and stylish. All it takes for it is to have some time and patience, and you can certainly have a newer outfit in fast amount of time that can be completely customized for your sense of style and your fashion needs.
  6. Thrift shopping
    Yeah, it is truth that most of the people think of thrift shops as stores that just sell used, outdated and old items of a questionable quality. But, that is far from truth. You can take many advantages of thrift shop and use it as a treasure hunt for clothes which can perfectly fit your body and your style. Also, you can most certainly stumble on high quality brand clothes, which can sometimes be still with their tags on. Thrift shops also occasionally have their sale days when almost anything is half off.
  7. Mix and match
    You can turn your summer dress into fall outfit by being original and adding scarf, sweater and tights to it. Be completely unique and original, and you can perfectly mix your clothes with another parts of your clothes and basically build a completely new outfit for yourself without spending anything.

Budget Fashion

Despite all the tips above, you also need to be confident in your fashion choices. If you’re completely confident in your outfit choices, then people will always gravitate towards you and you will draw more attention with your stylishness. Just always remember that you are beautiful!